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Cloud People

Cloud People in the Pine Barrens

We have heard the sounds of Sheffield, Manchester, Detroit, Berlin, Kingston, London, Brighton, and many other far-away lands, and in these sounds we find confirmation.

Culturally remote, in a land surrounded by suburban gangsters and cover bands, we reside deep in a mostly undisturbed forest known as the Pine Barrens in New Jersey. Here we bring these sounds and more together in a way that, some feel, is distinctly New Jersey. Like bears wandering Pangea as it split, to evolve in isolation into the Asiatic black bear or the American black bear, these sounds mutate and adapt to the acidic sands and cedar waters of a coastal evergreen forest. Cloud People have manifested a new beast altogether.

Away from urban centers, away from the unhealthy reasons that people tend to gather around this sort of music, a natural fusion inevitably emerges between the surroundings and the sounds. As the music is in the woods, the woods are also in the music. Cloud People are in the sky and in the woods, and on the internet there may be a few listeners.
Evan Wilder
Evan Wilder roams trails in, and has dreams about, the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. He is also involved with making movies and music alongside Cloud People.