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Cloud People - A Wild Feeling
Cloud People - A Wild Feeling

Cloud People - A Wild Feeling


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Conga and Djembe by Samuel Moskalik
Photos by T. Charles
Design by Nice Looking Designs

Cloud People - A Wild Feeling

Aside from indulging in the rare scallion pancake or occasional live appearance, Cloud People spent the last few years in the vast stretches of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, gathering and honing their dubbed-out electronics amongst the coarse sands and quiet evergreens.

The first harvest is ready. Complete with a cornucopia of micro-edit intricacies and breaks broken up with the live biodynamic conga mastery of Samuel Michael Moskalik, Batona Music lets loose Cloud Peoples' first A Wild Feeling.


Geese Honking


Delays Over Batsto


Scallion Pancake Dub


Mountains Of Dub

Released on November 22, 2007 on Batona Music. Batona catalog number: PATH2.