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Cloud People - Buck Wild
Cloud People - Buck Wild

Cloud People - Buck Wild


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Vocals by 1692.
Djembe by Sam Moskalik.
Produced by Evan Wilder.
Micromoog synthesizer by Cloud People.
Some photos by T. Charles and Evan Wilder.
Design by Nice Looking Designs.

Thanks to Stephen Mejias, KD Cyr, Alka, Dev79, Jason Carr, Tracey Moberly.

Cloud People - Buck Wild

As the harvest comes to an end and deer mating season begins, Buck Wild is delivered to connect you into the woodland wild via rhythm power.

Tracks feature haunting vocals from 1692, a young woman who lives deep in a remote part of the Pine Barrens where she practices her crafts alone.

This is the soundtrack for solo-excursions in the turning forest to ponder the thousands and thousands of years of peoples who have been here before, the generations to come, our fleeting place in the cosmos and what we can do with it.

Maybe you'll find other uses. Highly suitable for 140 BPM dancefloors, retro raves, Pinelands gatherings and star watching.


The Pines (Part 1, Featuring 1692)


Finding A Way (Featuring 1692)


Hallowe'en Song


The Oaks (Part 2)


Last Of The Leaves


Sinking Moon Song

Released on October 23, 2012 on Batona Music. Batona catalog number: PATH15.