The Clouds

Hit Record: Field Recordings From The Pine Barrens.
Eastern Thunder Presents

A Pine Barrens field recording series

● Moments and places captured in sound ●

● Found & recorded in stereo by Evan Wilder ●

2001 - 2016
Pre-Dawn Sounds Down Carranza Road13Hit Record

Excerpt. Recorded with binaural microphones and a Minidisc recorder, near Skit Branch on Carranza Road, between 3am and dawn.

Duration: 10:57
Date: August 23, 2001

Late Autumn Snow Falling On Dead Leaves12Hit Record

Late night December cold brings subtle sounds of snowfall.

Duration: 9:30
Date: December, 2016

December Swamp Stream11Hit Record

Mid-December trek through swamp reveals trickling stream and even small birds chirping about.

Duration: 13:42
Date: December, 2016

All Hallow's Eve At Carranza Memorial10Hit Record

Late night breezes wash through the desolate pines. Recorded late at Carranza Memorial.

Duration: 18:48
Date: October, 2016

At Evan's Bridge With KD9Hit Record

Evan: "Isn't this the curve..."

KD: "...All those people died on?"

Evan: "Yeah..."

KD: "Yeah..."

This was made late one spring night in 2015 with my friend KD Cyr at Evan's Bridge, near Green Bank, NJ.

I recorded the sounds KD made when tossing rocks into the Wading River.

Find out about legendary local artist and tragically deceased dear friend KD Cyr here.

Duration: 7:34
Date: Spring, 2015

April Evening Bay Sounds8Hit Record

Mid-April surf sounds recorded at Great Bay Boulevard Wildlife Management Area in Little Egg Harbor Township, NJ.

Duration: 11:51
Date: April 17, 2016

October Cedar Stream7Hit Record

Late October Pine Barrens ambiance around a cedar stream.

Duration: 12:29
Date: October, 2014

3am Mid-August6Hit Record

I stepped out early morning, to record the immense sounds of the busy lives in the trees. This is the result.

Duration: 9:47
Date: August 11, 2014

Goshen Pond In Early Summer5Hit Record

Whippoorwill, crickets, frogs, flies, and unknown shrieks score the scene of lily-laden waterways in fading twilight. And a few planes drone through the ambiance, also.

Duration: 9:58
Date: July, 2014

Hail Showers And April Flowers4Hit Record

Hail falls one night in April, layering ice over ground already covered with flower petals.

Duration: 9:57
Date: April 17, 2014

Spring Peepers3Hit Record

Frogs chirp in the very late night hours somewhere on Carranza Road.

Duration: 12:00
Date: April 5, 2014

March Winds2Hit Record

Intense March winds sway the oaks, all night long.

Duration: 28:00
Date: March 13, 2014

The Frogs1Hit Record

Northern gray frogs sing through the night in late May.

Duration: 13:34
Date: May, 2013

Updated: February 2022