The Clouds

Long Shits By Evan Wilder
Eastern Thunder Presents

Evan Wilder's viral video series of sharable long shots capturing the peacefulness of the Pine Barrens

● Saught sought ●

● Filmed in the New Jersey Pine Barrens ●

● Made by Evan Wilder ●

Additional production by Nice Looking Designs.

2013 - 2019
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Duration: 2 days, 10 hours, 49 minutes, 28 seconds
Year: 2013 - 2019

Harvest Moon1Long Shits

A full moon appears to move westward as acorns fall.

Duration: 23:36
Year: 2013

Jupiter Over The Pines2Long Shits

Jupiter shines over treetops as the sun sets on this part of Earth.

Duration: 29:37
Year: 2013

Windy Pines At Dusk3Long Shits

The forest grows darker during a muted, overcast sunset in February.

Duration: 47:18
Year: 2013

Late Spring Frogsong4Long Shits

A frog sings into a warm May night.

Duration: 22:09
Year: 2013

Lightning & Lightning Bugs5Long Shits

Fireflies follow a late June thunderstorm at dusk.

Duration: 45:00
Year: 2013

Sleeping Fawn6Long Shits

A lone fawn naps away in sunny summer afternoon peace.

Duration: 37:26
Year: 2013

Atlantic City As Seen From Leeds Point7Long Shits

Atlantic City flickers silently over Leeds Point marshlands, home to the Jersey Devil story.

Duration: 50:46
Year: 2013

Getting Through Winter8Long Shits

A squirrel endures a cold winter rainstorm.

Duration: 22:25
Year: 2013

Fleeting Flurries9Long Shits

January flurries flow and slow.

Duration: 39:37
Year: 2014

Shifting Shadows10Long Shits

Sun shines over January snows casting shifting shadows.

Duration: 01:09:39
Year: 2014

Powdery Pines11Long Shits

Powder pours down through pines.

Duration: 33:22
Year: 2014

Frozen Fade12Long Shits

Sun sets over ice at Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge, amidst calls by geese, ducks, owls and eagles.

Duration: 01:00:09
Year: 2014

Snow On Bone13Long Shits

Snow accumulates, slowly pushing down dead leaves around deer remains.

Duration: 40:41
Year: 2014

Tree Trunk In Setting Sun14Long Shits

A towering trunk that turns into two sways with breeze at sunset.

Duration: 20:11
Year: 2014

Sunset On Spring Pines15Long Shits

Young pines absorb nutritious celestial radiation as the horizon brings night.

Duration: 21:33
Year: 2014

Goshen Pond In Twilight16Long Shits

Earthlings of different shape and size sing under security of night.

Duration: 21:07
Year: 2014

A Nice Summer Day In The Pine Barrens17Long Shits

Summer delivers on a day close to solstice.

Duration: 20:57
Year: 2014

Swaying Cedars18Long Shits

Tall trees sway in sunny swampland.

Duration: 19:34
Year: 2014

A Lone Mother And Her 13 Little Ones19Long Shits

A turkey and her close poults find repose in summer shade.

Duration: 9:29
Year: 2014

Goshen Pond In Twilight, Again20Long Shits

Another visit to Goshen Pond at twilight in early autumn reveals some mysterious sounds and the not-so mysterious sound of distant offroad vehicles.

Duration: 28:21
Year: 2014

Cedar Stream In October Rain21Long Shits

October rain falls as a cedar stream makes its way towards Atsion Lake.

Duration: 22:31
Year: 2014

October Stream22Long Shits

A cedar stream flows through peaking October foliage as gentle rain begins.

Duration: 22:02
Year: 2014

Sundown On October Pines23Long Shits

The sun sets on an autumn scene not too far from Carranza Memorial.

Duration: 23:57
Year: 2014

Autumn Colors Up Carranza24Long Shits

Late October overcast woods reveal fading flora and high-frequency fauna song.

Duration: 18:56
Year: 2014

Light Fades On Foliage Shades25Long Shits

Late day sun makes way through deteriorating, deciduous, chromatic canopy.

Duration: 20:49
Year: 2014

Idle Cranbury Bogs In Dusk26Long Shits

Fading autumnal sun sets pine grove aglow.

Duration: 19:08
Year: 2014

Bogs Of Franklin Parker Preserve At Nightfall27Long Shits

Quietude, tranquility, and night take over.

Duration: 15:39
Year: 2014

The Day After Halloween28Long Shits

Wind and clouds darken dusk on a first of November.

Duration: 31:31
Year: 2014

Autumn Wind Through Oaks29Long Shits

Sun and wind animate fall color.

Duration: 32:24
Year: 2014

Abandoned Rail Lines30Long Shits

A sun sets on overgrown, disused train tracks on a warm November day.

Duration: 22:11
Year: 2014

Crows At Absegami31Long Shits

Crows congregate in the warming sun of April.

Duration: 10:31
Year: 2016

Spring Rain32Long Shits

Gentle rain comes to unfurling forest.

Duration: 16:02
Year: 2016

Eno's Pond In May33Long Shits

Admittedly curious of locale's name due to Brian Eno; unwittingly filmed on his birthday.

Duration: 16:02
Year: 2016

November Supermoon Rising Over A Medford Backroad
34Long Shits

Open space beckons during moonrise.

Duration: 21:38
Year: 2016

Sirius Slides Across December Sky35Long Shits

The brightest star during the darkest month

(In the global north, at least).

Duration: 25:14
Year: 2016

Carranza Memorial In Snow36Long Shits

The Memorial stands as snow falls.

Duration: 32:36
Year: 2017

Pine Barrens Festival End, 201737Long Shits

Post-carnival ambiance as the fun ends and the work begins.

Duration: 21:43
Year: 2017

Moonbeams Scatter About Skit Branch38Long Shits

In silent sanctitude, smooth surface of shimmering cedar streams dances and distorts low luster of lunar light.

Duration: 18:09
Year: 2017

August Moonrise Over The Atlantic39Long Shits

Summer soon slides into September. The moon emerges over el mar, making a moment.

Duration: 21:53
Year: 2017

Moonlit Atlantic From Long Beach Island40Long Shits

Glistening crests catch the satellite's mirrored sunlight.

Duration: 32:19
Year: 2017

Eclipsed Sunshine On Skit Branch41Long Shits

Solar eclipse as seen on surface of cedar stream.

Duration: 20:13
Year: 2017

Spider In Late Summer Sun42Long Shits

Refracting webs catch late summer sunlight.

Duration: 41:47
Year: 2017

Under A Bridge Behind A Batsto Cemetery43Long Shits

Light reflects through dilapidation.

Duration: 38:57
Year: 2017

Batsto Lake In October Dusk44Long Shits

Fish break the surface sending wakes of concentric circles as dusk shades silently take the lake.

Duration: 30:53
Year: 2017

Bats In October Dusk45Long Shits

Autumnal twilight glow silhouettes fluttering, feeding bats.

Duration: 13:35
Year: 2017

Waterbugs & Traffic On A Mullica Waterway46Long Shits

Surface insects swarm as canoes slide beside.

Duration: 34:45
Year: 2017

October Sunset At Lower Bank Cemetery With The Bats & Mosquitoes
47Long Shits

Sights and sounds shift from dusk to dark.

Duration: 28:30
Year: 2017

A Pumpkin Patch In Nightfall's Fading Shades48Long Shits

Fall feels on the farmstead.

Duration: 01:03:31
Year: 2017

Ruins Of Atsion Furnace In Autumn49Long Shits

The furnace remains make it through another season, as the nearby sound of Route 206 indifferently motors by.

The site dates back to 1766.

Duration: 50:54
Year: 2017

Ruins Of Hampton Furnace Ghost Town In Fall Foliage
50Long Shits

Late light illuminates fading, falling leaves around remains of long-gone bog iron smelting spot.

Duration: 18:07
Year: 2017

Nightfall On Batsto Color51Long Shits

Autumn twilight fades to dark as cedar water flows on through the night.

Duration: 31:01
Year: 2017

October Sunset At A Batsto Bridge52Long Shits

Cedar stream and surrounding scenery surrender to darkness.

Duration: 01:35:26
Year: 2017

Another October Sunset At A Batsto Bridge53Long Shits

October sunset glows orange through reddening foliage amidst aged vestiges.

Duration: 29:51
Year: 2017

Leaves Drift54Long Shits

Cedar stream flows, carrying leaves to where nobody knows.

Duration: 26:48
Year: 2017

Darkening Orange Horizon55Long Shits

Night pushes light below the horizon.

Duration: 27:07
Year: 2017

November Moonrise Over Tabernacle56Long Shits

The moon's fully-lit, unfluctuating, aphonic face is slowly exposed by falling horizon.

Duration: 32:48
Year: 2017

November Moon57Long Shits

Moon moves through thin cloud cover.

Duration: 24:11
Year: 2017

Deep Run Cedar Brook In Cold Dusk58Long Shits

A fine little flow feeds Deep Run below.

Duration: 16:59
Year: 2017

Snowfall On Cranberry Bogs59Long Shits

Flakes fall on foregone farm.

Duration: 40:59
Year: 2018

A Late Winter Snow60Long Shits

Heavy snow tests the trees.

Duration: 39:26
Year: 2018

Bending Boughs61Long Shits

Pines lean under heavy winter blankets.

Duration: 26:11
Year: 2018

Sparkling Arcturus Rising On A Freezing March Evening
62Long Shits

α Boötis rises above us.

Duration: 19:55
Year: 2018

A Crescent Moon And Venus Set Through Late Winter Oaks
63Long Shits

Western horizon ascends through view of Moon and Venus.

Duration: 14:29
Year: 2018

Orion's Belt Drifting West In Late Winter64Long Shits

Alnitak, Mintaka, and Alnilam approach the western horizon as our world drifts on, ever east.

Duration: 18:00
Year: 2018

Venus And Mercury Set In A Last Winter's Dusk65Long Shits

An eve-of-spring view of planets setting.

Duration: 43:30
Year: 2018

Hawk Perched In Spring Sunset66Long Shits

Raptor reviews eventide events via overwatch.

Duration: 01:00:18
Year: 2018

Jupiter Rising In April's First Hours67Long Shits

Eastern horizon descends to reveal view of great Jovian gas giant.

Duration: 27:40
Year: 2018

Jupiter And Moon Rising In April's Last Hours68Long Shits

Celestial objects break through night-time cloud cover, occasionally.

Duration: 33:37
Year: 2018

Moon Follows Jupiter Through Oak Spring Growth69Long Shits

Moonlight reveals silhouettes of new oak leaves.

Duration: 48:22
Year: 2018

Jupiter Sets On First May Dawn70Long Shits

Earth rotates eastward, hiding Jupiter and bringing daylight.

Duration: 18:06
Year: 2018

Batsto Birdsong In Spring71Long Shits

The forest revives in birdsong.

Duration: 56:52
Year: 2018

May Frogsong In Passing Evening Storm72Long Shits

Frogs creek and croak after thunderstrokes.

Duration: 01:28:34
Year: 2018

Fleeting Goldfinches Over Batsto In Spring73Long Shits

Still scene shows signs of spring.

Duration: 26:33
Year: 2018

Venus Following Crescent Moon In June74Long Shits

Eventful evening with Venus and Moon.

Duration: 01:17:27
Year: 2018

Venus Following Crescent Moon In July75Long Shits

Eventful evening with Venus and Moon, revisited.

Duration: 28:47
Year: 2018

Mars Passing By76Long Shits

Mars moves through the lens and the summer night sings.

Duration: 25:41
Year: 2018

Mars Passing By, Again77Long Shits

Mars moves through the lens and the summer night sings, again.

Duration: 16:21
Year: 2018

Late Summer Cumulonimbus At Dusk78Long Shits

Cloud forms erupt in sunset hues.

Duration: 21:44
Year: 2018

Blue Sky Moon79Long Shits

Moon beams through September afternoon on pines below.

Duration: 15:00
Year: 2018

September Dusk80Long Shits

Shadows expand in late summer sunset.

Duration: 54:08
Year: 2018

Glistening Fall Foliage Along The Batsto81Long Shits

Late sunlight streams, illuminating little flying lifeforms and leaves in senescence.

Duration: 15:08
Year: 2018

Another Autumn Nightfall At Hampton Furnace82Long Shits

Autumn ambience of Batsto tributary from day to dusk to dark.

Duration: 57:49
Year: 2018

Crescent Moon Reflection83Long Shits

Light from satelite as seen on surface displays a reversed sight.

Duration: 32:07
Year: 2018

May Winds At Bulls Branch84Long Shits

Fresh air rushes over lush brush, scrubs, shrubs, and shallows.

Duration: 01:08:27
Year: 2019

Flowing Cedar Foam85Long Shits

Gray November afternoon watching water flow and foam form near Hampton Furnace.

Duration: 21:50
Year: 2019

Foaming Cedar Flow86Long Shits

More gray November afternoon watching further water flow and foam form near Hampton Furnace.

Duration: 28:18
Year: 2019

Darkening November Field87Long Shits

Dark and cold of somber November night take over Hampton Furnace ruins.

Duration: 32:28
Year: 2019

Leafless November Swamp88Long Shits

Stillness, sticks, and stream instill a wintry inner silence and solitude despite distant droning of Cesnas and such.

Duration: 24:10
Year: 2019

Cold Dimming Cedars89Long Shits

A dam sends spilling sounds through the obscured and otherwise silent swamp.

Duration: 26:21
Year: 2019

Mid-November Snow90Long Shits

Snowfall finds fall foliage.

Duration: 24:00
Year: 2019

November Swamp In Surging Stream91Long Shits

Below a bridge over the Batsto the swamps submerge and swell.

Duration: 54:35
Year: 2019

Deep Hollow Branch Takes The Trail92Long Shits

Floods seize the footpath as early dark sets in.

Duration: 30:08
Year: 2019

Late November Sundown On Pasadena Ruins Field93Long Shits

Fall field alight in fading late-day sunglow.

Duration: 43:21
Year: 2019

December Skies Over Ruins At Friendship94Long Shits

Clouds roil along as more time passes over curious rubble.

Duration: 01:06:21
Year: 2019

Warm Light On Cold January Oaks95Long Shits

Setting sun streams reddening beams on bark.

Duration: 01:15:37
Year: 2019

January Moonset Through Swaying Oaks96Long Shits

Bare trees obscure sinking moon before dawn breaks.

Duration: 51:29
Year: 2019

Jupiter, Moon, & Venus In Late January Dawn97Long Shits

Celestial sights pass on through other side of night.

Duration: 58:05
Year: 2019

March Skies Over Ruins At Friendship98Long Shits

Day goes dark on remote ruins.

Duration: 01:22:25
Year: 2019

Featherbed Swamp In Late Winter99Long Shits

Promising light pours in on breeze and currents.

Duration: 01:06:30
Year: 2019

Distant Wild Swans100Long Shits

Secluded spot sees stillness, silence, swans swimming.

Duration: 24:07
Year: 2019

Cloud Watching In A Mid-September Sky101Long Shits

Franklin Parker Preserve sees a September sky show to end all Long Shits.

Duration: 01:29:00
Year: 2019

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