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Night Walks

November 16, 2021

Eastern Thunder presents Night Walks.

In October 2021, an Instagram account was created for the walks I've been taking at night.

The web flier above mostly explains.

Though the walks happen alone, now it's a bit like there are people all over the planet joining in.

Under darkness, it seems easier to delve. The familiar landscape is reduced to a uniform silhouette of its former self. Specifics of location recede and the sky takes precedent. A sense arrives that we are where we really are—in the stars. About half the neighboring stars of our local region of the galaxy beam in plain view.

Expect some musings and nothing profound beyond amateur photos of stars as seen from these Pine Barrens rich in dark skies.

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Evan Wilder

Wild & Shit: Six New Episodes for 2020

October 23, 2020

New episodes for turbulent, shitty times.

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Evan Wilder

Monsters Exist32 Wild & Shit

Trees Against Trump33 Wild & Shit

Monster Sexist34 Wild & Shit

Mask Up35 Wild & Shit

Butt36 Wild & Shit

Keep The Stream Clean37 Wild & Shit

Now Available: Cloud People Stickers

October 20, 2020

Eastern Thunder presents Night Walks.

Eastern Thunder presents Night Walks.

The label (Batona) created stickers.

They are durable, 3" circular vinyl.

If you want some and feel like putting some change in my hat, please visit here.

They ship quickly.

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Evan Wilder

Cloud People For All The Wild Autumn Brings

September 22, 2020

Cloud People - For All The Wild Autumn Brings


This marks the first of a new series, called Seasons.

Other installments will be realized and released over the years on the first of their respective seasons.

Season 1
Released September 22, 2020.

Produced by Evan Wilder
Cover photo by Evan Wilder
Design by
Nice Looking Designs

A Series Ends: 101 Long Shits

September 16, 2019

In September 2019, after starting in 2013, Long Shits reached episode 101.

It seemed the right place to stop.

There was an intention to capture something of the ambience of this forest throughout the seasons, but in a way where I didn't interfere with it too much.

It was good to hear from old friends who moved far away who would put these on in the background to appreciate their younger years.

Maybe these recordings will be useful in a century to remember this part of the world before the average temperature increase hit 1.5°C.

If and when you ever want to access it, they are all currently available on YouTube, in sequence. Or watch the playlist, below.

It would take almost 50 hours to watch them all back-to-back.

Evan Wilder

Updated: February 2022