The Clouds

Wild & Shit with Evan Wilder

Eastern Thunder Presents

Cloud People's definitive series on all that's wild and all that's shit in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, featuring Evan Wilder

● Filmed on location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens ●

● Some featured in Tracey Moberly's Tweet-Me-Up! The Tanks, Tate Modern, 2012 ●

Filmed and produced by Todd Steponick. Additional production by Nice Looking Designs.
Made in the Pine Barrens.

2010 - Ongoing
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Duration: 50:18
Year: 2010 - Ongoing

Keep The Streams Clean37 Wild & Shit

Regulations help keep the pollution away.

Duration: 1:13
Year: 2020

Butt36 Wild & Shit

Take your trash with you.

Duration: 1:06
Year: 2020

Mask Up35 Wild & Shit

Solipsistic liberty to be a disease vector ends where collective health begins.

Duration: 0:44
Year: 2020

Monster Sexist34 Wild & Shit

Gratitude to feminists overturning default sexist attitudes.

Duration: 3:51
Year: 2020

Trees Against Trump33 Wild & Shit

Stands take a stand.

Duration: 2:22
Year: 2020

Monsters Exist32 Wild & Shit

This episode was in the works prior to discovering Orbital was releasing their timely-titled Monsters Exist album.

Plus: prescience of pre-corona reference on Trump trash.

Duration: 4:42
Year: 2020

Nature's Call31 Wild & Shit

Featuring Our Lady of Mount Misery Betty Clark!

Duration: 3:14
Year: 2014

Buzby's Christmas30 Wild & Shit

Always closed.

Duration: 1:15
Year: 2014

Into The Distance29 Wild & Shit

Drum and delay on a winter's day. Is the signal received?

Duration: 2:17
Year: 2014

Devil In The Deep Wood28 Wild & Shit

Inflicting unnecessary suffering is evil. And guns are a typical shit sound of the US.

Duration: 0:51
Year: 2014

Batsto Beats27 Wild & Shit

Activate the rhythm by the old mill.

Duration: 1:17
Year: 2014

Behind The Acme In Medford, NJ26 Wild & Shit

Dystopian, late-capitalism bridge engineering with a flock of friends flying over.

Duration: 0:59
Year: 2014

Evan Meets Full Blown Cherry25 Wild & Shit

Meets the rockers, upwoods.

Duration: 1:32
Year: 2014

Watch Where You're Going24 Wild & Shit

You're not alone out here.

Duration: 1:21
Year: 2014

Ding Dong The Holly Jolly Christmas Tree23 Wild & Shit

Jingle dingle.

Duration: 1:12
Year: 2013

Wasted's Waste22 Wild & Shit

Drinkers like to escape to the woods, escape inside a bottle, and then others contend with their abandoned waste.

I like to imagine a world where we escape alcoholic beverages.

Duration: 1:20
Year: XXXX

Catching Sun Rays21 Wild & Shit

Listen into the light.

Duration: 1:49
Year: 2013

Dream Harvest20 Wild & Shit

Halloween dream.

Duration: 3:03
Year: 2012

Whistlin' Wild19 Wild & Shit

Whistle and the wilds whistle with you.

As seen in Tracey Moberly's Tweet-Me-Up! at The Tanks, Tate Modern.

Duration: 1:06
Year: 2012

Plastic Bag18 Wild & Shit

In our self-centered routines, we are oblivious to the suffering we impose.

Duration: 0:56
Year: 2012

PLUR17 Wild & Shit

Listen to the sound of the message.

Duration: 1:10
Year: 2012

The Hunter's Last Stand16 Wild & Shit

Let 'em know.

Duration: 1:05
Year: 2012

Catch The Wild15 Wild & Shit

Hands hold wind like wings.

Duration: 0:55
Year: 2012

Dead Deer14 Wild & Shit

Question assumed necessity & pleasure of such violent brutality against others. Being vegan is the very least we can do.

Duration: 1:07
Year: 2012

The Robin13 Wild & Shit

Pleasant robin chirps score sunny springtime nap.

Duration: 0:43
Year: 2012

Apple Pie Hill Firetower Drop12 Wild & Shit

Leftover debris indifferently & indefinitely hurts hikers & inhabitants, human & non-human, alike.

Duration: 1:12
Year: 2012

Hand WAV11 Wild & Shit

Find the sounds inside and use them.

Duration: 0:55
Year: 2012

Television Trash10 Wild & Shit

Possible result of poor perspective of the planet and our place upon it.

Duration: 0:29
Year: 2012

Streaming Music9 Wild & Shit

From stream's smooth surface synth sounds stem.

Duration: 0:37
Year: 2012

The Tick8 Wild & Shit

Prowling pathogen-ridden parasites prey upon unsuspecting hosts. Beware.

Duration: 0:53
Year: 2010

Ring-A-Ding Spring7 Wild & Shit

Buds burst forth, free from somber wintry slumber as dings ring in spring.

Duration: 0:33
Year: 2010

Tree Chop Trouble6 Wild & Shit

Developers deforest, disrupt, and destroy for the construction of some forgettable, obligatory livelihood.

Duration: 0:36
Year: 2010

A Very Good Smell5 Wild & Shit

Appreciating pretty spring scents.

Duration: 1:19
Year: 2010

Lungs4 Wild & Shit

Lungs facilitate delicate life processes with rib-cage-sized portions of sky. Go easy on 'em.

Duration: 0:38
Year: 2010

Handmade Wobble Bass3 Wild & Shit

Let out the sound.

Duration: 0:36
Year: 2010

The Preserve2 Wild & Shit

Rusting barrels decay away in a Pine Barrens nature preserve.

Duration: 00:26
Year: 2010

Amen Belly Beats1 Wild & Shit

Breaks bust forth from within while walking about wilds.

Duration: 00:33
Year: 2010

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