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Cloud People Remix The Killing

February 23, 2011
Cloud People Remix The Killing

The Killing What Is Yet To Dub. Get the mixes for free: The Killing's page on BandCamp.

In 2003, Cloud People did a remix for The Killing. The Iraq invasion had only recently begun. Anger was all the rage, and metal seemed (to us) to be thriving once again in New Jersey and around the world. Cloud People descended from their happier demeanor and moved amongst the surface dwellers in the ever-expansive and bottomless pits of darkness of the times. "The Walls of Paradise Dub By Cloud People" of "We Kill For The Good" is the 10+ minute, dissonant, discomforting and dirty result.

Later, 2011. The Killing is on indefinate hiatus. The Iraq occupation is ambiguously over. Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and more have their own people overthrowing the powers that control them. The above remix as well others by At Work still linger and age. Talks with the Killing ensue. The remixes are to be released to help ease the silence while life still stirs from within The Killing. Evan Wilder produces and contributes one more mix for Cloud People - "Meet And Greet With The Angel Of Death (Cloud People Over Riff Valley)".

These two mixes and 4 mixes by Batona label-mate At Work are available, for free, at The Killing's page on BandCamp, in FLAC, 330 KBPS MP3 & more.

Cover art by the same names who do our art work: Nice Looking Designs and T. Charles.

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