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Hit Record 9 ● At Evan's Bridge with KD

August 20, 2016
Hit Record 9 - At Evan's Bridge with KD

Hit Record 9 ● At Evan's Bridge with KD

Evan: "Isn't this the curve..."
KD: "...All those people died on?"
Evan: "Yeah..."
KD: "Yeah..."

This was made late one spring night in 2015 with my friend KD Cyr at Evan's Bridge, near Green Bank, NJ. I recorded the sounds KD made when tossing rocks into the Wading River.

She once told me a story about how, when she was a child, she witnessed the aftermath of a motorcycle crash at this very bend in the road next to the bridge. They must have been going too fast and couldn't take the sudden curve. She said she saw fresh dead bodies among the wreckage, all scattered about in the pine needle covered ditch. She tried to describe the horrible effect it had on her. She was unable to speak for hours. Even when hearing her describe it, it sounded like the impact it had was never very far off. You can hear my hesitation appear after I begin bringing it up to her.

KD Cyr, 23, was killed months later by a reckless driver. KD, in addition to being an artist with her own canon of bizarre arts, has helped on vocal efforts for a few Cloud People efforts. She helped even more so behind the scenes; especially when I was a wreck after my mother was killed by a drunk driver in 2014. KD is tearfully missed.

- Evan

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