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October 2009 Update

October 31, 2009
Evan Wilder, shares the wild
Evan Wilder, shares the wild.
Halloween... 2009 has had a few set-backs but with the downshift into the colder months things seem to be picking up.

Pablo Sandoz Fleet
Our remixes for Pablo Sandoz were completed the same week in March when Colin Angus moved to Brighton and ended the band all too soon. We are quite disappointed, but grateful for the output shared.

Despite the end, Matt Catt will be (thankfully) pushing on with their newly designed site and will be releasing a few of our mixes one way or another. Things are still in development, so there should be news around the end of the year.

Cloud People Even Wilder EP and filming
The EP featuring "Awesome Sunsets" is almost ready for release into the wild, but has been put on hold while a Cloud People film (and by film we mean HD video) is in production and currently taking precedence. Set in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, it takes in the ambiance of Even Wilder's journey through seasons and dreamworlds, with some help from above along the way.

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